Evyn Fong was born September 9, 1992, and decided she was a mermaid.  After nearly drowning a couple of times and being introduced to the world of the gameboy, she decided to give up her fishy dreams and try instead to become the Pokemon master.  Around this time, Evyn was also notified of her destiny of saving the world of Hyrule, her duty as the chosen one, her apprenticeship as a Jedi, and that she needed to defeat evil monstrosities and save the princess all while maintaining livestock, crops, and a wife on her own farm.  When it finally sunk in that she might be better off with a more useful profession,  Evyn decided instead to learn to create a world like those she had fallen in love with.  She was accepted into the Maryland Institute College of Art with a double major of Illustration and Fibers, and dreams of one day creating a world of her own.

Interview with Friday IIlustrated Magazine

Interview with Friday Magazine on Illustrating, costume design and why artists should all be happy.
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